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CN-103473219-A: 基于邮件信息判定邮件语种的方法 patent, CN-103476268-A: 泥鳅刀削面的制造方法 patent, CN-103476744-A: 二醇二氮烯鎓衍生物 patent, CN-103478538-A: Production method of rice flour patent, CN-103480353-A: Method for synthesis of carbon quantum dot solution by hydrothermal process to prepare composite nano-photocatalyst patent, CN-103482259-A: 一种胶块加料装置 patent, CN-103487815-A: 一种基于正交域干扰优化重叠复用的卫星导航信号增强方法 patent, CN-103488116-A: 一种将PLC定时器模块转换成普通Petri网的方法 patent, CN-103497974-A: Method for improving cellulose enzymatic hydrolysis and saccharification yield patent, CN-103499445-A: Time-frequency slice analysis-based rolling bearing fault diagnosis method patent, CN-103500329-A: Street lamp automatic extraction method based on vehicle-mounted moving laser scanning point cloud patent, CN-103500774-A: 一种利用p型硅球作为硼源制备局部背场的方法 patent, CN-103502471-A: 核酸的定量、高度多重检测 patent, CN-103509043-A: Dicarborane derivatives, preparation method and application thereof, and electroluminescent device patent, CN-103512138-A: Air pipe type ventilation device used for factory building patent, CN-103515127-A: 触控按键的制造方法 patent, CN-103517524-A: Led应急控制器 patent, CN-103517717-A: 增强细胞介导的免疫的方法 patent, CN-103525851-A: Expression vector containing BMP-2 and ZsGreen1 genes and construction method of expression vector patent, CN-103527500-A: 一种多风机组合防火箱式风机 patent, CN-103533418-A: 一种电视机的遥控器 patent, CN-103533431-A: Method and system for realizing system upgrade based on intelligent television, and intelligent television patent, CN-103546259-A: 传输信号的发送、接收方法及终端、基站 patent, CN-103546967-A: 加权分布式dv-hop三维定位算法 patent, CN-103548415-A: Communication method and system, access network device, terminal, and core network device patent, CN-103551566-A: Reliable and durable conductive films comprising metal nanostructures patent, CN-103553993-A: 利用微流光反应技术合成树脂状维生素D<sub>3</sub>的方法及微流光化学反应器 patent, CN-103557778-A: 一种用于测量发动机燃油总管变形量的测量装置 patent, CN-103560193-A: Vertical structure light emitting diode chip with low cost and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103561998-A: 车辆充电系统及车辆充电方法 patent, CN-103565615-A: 牙床按摩器 patent, CN-103568614-A: Laser transfer method and apparatus therefor patent, CN-103570410-A: Method for one-step-method preparation of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium composite fertilizer by using potash feldspar patent, CN-103572419-A: Short fiber rotor composite yarn spinning method patent, CN-103574187-A: Flexible ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composite tube as well as preparation method and production system thereof patent, CN-103575981-A: Method for accurately measuring alternating current frequency patent, CN-103578912-A: Energy-saving lamp tube and manufacturing method patent, CN-103584694-A: 拼接垫及其拼接板 patent, CN-103584775-A: Soap box structure patent, CN-103587174-A: Protective composite fabric and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103593730-A: 一种可回溯的设计参数管理系统 patent, CN-103594310-A: High-temperature secondary electronic detector collection assembly and high-temperature scanning electron microscope patent, CN-103595569-A: Method for handling database storage of alarm information of network management system patent, CN-103608012-A: Combination of panobinostat and ruxolitinib in treatment of cancer such as myeloproliferative neoplasm patent, CN-103610155-A: 一种润肺滋补型速食汤及其加工方法 patent, CN-103612002-A: Stainless steel vehicle resistance spot welding splashing repairing method patent, CN-103612216-A: 一种环保型涂附磨具产品的制造方法 patent, CN-103613983-A: Novel cleaning agent for printing ink and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103614952-A: Damp-proof carton board paper patent, CN-103615210-A: 一种光纤传感器随钻下井装置 patent, CN-103615977-A: 一种激光器光斑的位置识别装置和方法 patent, CN-103618415-A: Production method of claw pole excitation generator with brush patent, CN-103618979-A: Flat horn patent, CN-103624416-A: 真空高温铝钎料及其制备方法 patent, CN-103634010-A: 一种基于差分充电的高精度大范围时间数字转换器 patent, CN-103637111-A: Pumpkin powder formula and preparation process of pumpkin powder patent, CN-103637300-A: 一种银杏薏米饮料及其制备方法 patent, CN-103637495-A: Ventilating damp-proof leather shoe patent, CN-103641448-A: Ceramic heating cup body patent, CN-103644169-A: 机械自锁液压缸 patent, CN-103646019-A: Method and device for fusing multiple machine translation systems patent, CN-103647529-A: 一种多模信号发生装置及其信号发生方法 patent, CN-103650139-A: 照明装置 patent, CN-103656228-A: Traditional Chinese medicine for treating puerperal endometritis patent, CN-103659905-A: High precision ferrule punching positioning forming die cutting device patent, CN-103661729-A: Box-type deformable electric bicycle patent, CN-103667774-A: Preparation method of copper alloy semiconductor lead frame patent, CN-103673687-A: Cooling device in electrostatic cooking fume purifier patent, CN-103675132-A: 气相色谱-质谱检测细胞内中氨基酸、糖、有机酸的方法 patent, CN-103682069-A: 多层的led电路板 patent, CN-103686995-A: 一种非视距环境定位方法及装置 patent, CN-103688583-A: A method for beam coordination, and a base station and a user terminal therefor patent, CN-103689615-A: Donkey meat sauce and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103690078-A: Medical washing equipment patent, CN-103691951-A: 金属微滴轨道控向三维打印成形装置及方法 patent, CN-103698492-A: Multifunctional tester for anti-seismic property of rockfill material of high rockfill dam patent, CN-103698923-A: 液晶模块及其制作方法 patent, CN-103702700-A: 具有注射器般可用性并具有限制机构的药物输送装置 patent, CN-103702741-A: Zeolitic imidazolate framework membranes and methods of making and using same for separation of C2- and C3+ hydrocarbons and separation of propylene and propane mixtures patent, CN-103710137-A: 腰果油及其制备方法 patent, CN-103713059-A: 聚酰胺工程塑料中聚酰胺树脂的定性定量方法 patent, CN-103716877-A: Earth positioning system patent, CN-103717085-A: 挤出方法 patent, CN-103719536-A: 一种快速增肥肉牛的绿色复合饲料 patent, CN-103724370-A: Method for preparing phosphite ester compounds through reactive rectification coupling patent, CN-103725214-A: 层叠体 patent, CN-103731029-A: 降压式直流变换器 patent, CN-103731544-A: Display method and device for intelligent terminal interface and intelligent terminal patent, CN-103733363-A: Wavelength conversion body and method for manufacturing same patent, CN-103735089-A: Valuable article displaying cabinet combining virtuality and reality patent, CN-103735331-A: 圆形创面模型装置 patent, CN-103736616-A: Manufacturing method of liquid accommodation and liquid injection function integrated device patent, CN-103736667-A: Flexible board testing device patent, CN-103738829-A: 一种汽车副车架转移吊具 patent, CN-103740659-A: 一种提高酶热稳定性的方法 patent, CN-103748564-A: Storage system and object management method patent, CN-103752142-A: 一种太阳能辅助二氧化碳捕集集成系统 patent, CN-103755713-A: Octa-sulfonic phthalocyanine, and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-103758441-A: 一种液压缓冲的可调式玻璃夹 patent, CN-103762039-A: Knitting sleeve cutting sleeving machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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